Complete List of Designs

Here is a complete list of all the designs and stores created by T-Rex Tees:

T-Rex Tees
Miscellaneous Designs 
Blue Dart Bear
Girls Like Guys with [Ninja] Skills
When Life Hands Me Lemons, I Throw Them at Cats
Sting Stalker Santa (I'll Be Watching You)
Coolest Shirt Ever
This Shirt is Reusable
Jellysy (jealousy)
I'm Charging (solar-powered T-shirt)
Go Green Light
The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind Turbine
My Mom is a Superhero
Its nawda toomah (not a tumor body builder)
Hooked on Phoenix
I Believe in Ferries
Where in the World is Waldo
Tonight, Jets vs Sharks, Oh Snap!
This is not my real head, I was photoshopped
My cat commands a space station, what does your cat do?
You are here (dot)
Girl Rock Star
This shirt is under construction
This GIF is animated, but I have to be running
Its Personal (PC)
Corvette ZR1
I Heart Zombies
Human Heart
Music Art (Single Shirt Exclusive)
Showdown Martial Arts (Single Shirt Exclusive)
Giant Jelly and Scuba Diver
Old GMC Pick Up
Hexagon, Octagon, Oregon
Missouri Loves Company
Kiss Me Frog
Beach Babes Wear Shades
Caution UFOs
Caution Dragons
Caution Centaurs
It's All Good
Bop It
Catch 22 (baseball)
Football (soccer)
Team 6 USA
Every Year, Millions of Children are Exposed to Cooties
Stop, Hammer Time
Smoking, Slow Suicide
Pooh Happens
I didn't retire to be useful
Vader Phone, I am your father
Canada, C eh, N eh, D eh
Fun Guy (fungi)
Caution: TRex
Thor, Hammer Time
Robin Hood Saves Hangman
Human Billboard
Human Billboard: Get your ads crusin'
Human Billboard: Let your ads fly
Human Billboard: Your ads can go anywhere (female)
Human Billboard: Your ads can go anywhere (male)
Family Billboard

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